June Traffic Report

FHF Sundae Best(3)Happy July! It is that time of month again to talk about how I did. July is always my favorite month because it is my birthday month. Not that I am excited about getting old, but I do love a day dedicated to me. #selfish If you are new, let’s talk about why I do these even though I am a small blog. Honestly, it is just a tool of motivation I use to ensure that I am growing my brand, and it really helps me see what I am doing right or wrong. Not much else, haha. I made progress in some areas this month that I am happy about, but also did not progress much in some other areas. Let’s dive in.

I actually was still on my vacation at the beginning of this month, and it took me quite a while to get my process back in order. I have really been enjoying doing more posts about the entire blogging process. It is something that I enjoy writing about, and I have been on a crazy kick this month. I am so sorry if you were not into it, haha.

I was able to spend quite a good amount of time with my family this month, which is always the absolute best thing. It is always pretty fun to just catch up and hangout. I would rather hangout with my family than my friends. That’s how much fun they are. I am suffering from the travel bug pretty badly, so I am working on planning out my next vacation. I think I have my best friend convinced to go to Europe next year, so yes!

Let’s actually talk about traffic….

Monthly Views: 1419 (+374)

Sessions: 799 (+219)

Subscribers: 21

While this is not a great as I have seen in previous months, it is summer time. People are outside and not on their computers. I also definitely quit posting as frequent as I had been, life has a way of catching up on you. I always feel like any progress is something to be thankful for, so I will definitely not complain! I am not too happy with my overall bounce rate, but that is due to the influx of new viewers that I had this month (Hi, welcome!).

If you follow me on social media, then you know I am pretty active. I love getting to talk to other people. Not only does it just make me happy, but I think that you can learn a ton from other people.

Twitter: 1192 (+102)

Facebook: 32 (+1)

Pinterest: 585 (+19)

Instagram: 601 (+59)

Bloglovin: 414 (+30)

Once again, no great gain here. Anytime that I can gain someone on Facebook, I mark it as a win! I have been really using Buffer to schedule my tweets lately, and my overall impressions for the month were DOUBLE what they were last month, and that just means more people saw my post. I will definitely take that! I finally have found an instagram layout that really works for me, and I am pretty happy about the growth that I saw this month (thanks Europe!).

I was able to send out my first newsletter this month (hopefully you guys liked it!). I am very interested in growing my newsletter list, so be sure to sign up if that is something that you are into. Just put your email in the bar at the top, and I will add you into my list. It’s lots of fun, promise!

I did have a guest post go up on The Young Hopeful yesterday, so be sure to check that out. It is about 5 ways to stay active without actually having to workout. I have a couple more coming in July, as well as my first sponsored post, which I am really excited about doing. Keep any eye open for that!


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  1. Yay that’s a pretty good month! We found that more consistent uploading has really helped with traffic on eatlovewear but so far it’s been slow incremental growth on most of our social media right now.

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