July Traffic Report


I honestly cannot believe it is August. I am in shock. Anyway, since it is the beginning of a new month, that means that it is time to reflect on the blog growth from last month. I love to read these because there is really so much you can learn from them. It has really helped me focus on the important aspects of my blog, and not so much the fluff. While my numbers are not incredible, it helps me compare the first month to my most recent, and shows me what I am doing well, and what I need to work on in the next month. So, how did I do in July 2016?118-Work PC.jpg

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I had the best couple days of views I ever have had. Granted, some days were not that great, I still think any improvement is a win! I did spend more time outdoors and with my family and friends this month, so there definitely were not as many posts as there have previously been. I definitely tried to stick to at least three a week, which as far as I know, I stayed true to.

Monthly Views: 2,194 (+775)

Sessions: 1,364 (+565)

Subscribers: 24 (+3)

Still not my highest monthly views, but the sessions count was almost double what it was last month. My bounce rate has definitely suffered from this, but still is not as high as it has been. In the category of subscribers, I seem to be stuck. I cannot really get any great gain on this area, but I honestly have not put much effort into that part, so if anyone has any ideas or tips, let a girl know!

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Like I always say, I love social media. I owe pretty much any traffic my blog gets to my social media accounts. I am constantly on social media throughout the day, and I saw the most growth last month with these accounts.

Twitter: 1,652 (+460)

Facebook: 37 (+5)

Pinterest: 685 (+100)

Instagram: 862 (+261)

Bloglovin’: 488 (+74)

I had huge gains in my social media accounts compared to last month. I started to participate in more Facebook groups which actually made my Facebook likes go up which is amazing, haha. I have kind of slacked off of Pinterest this past month, but I am still using Boardbooster so that it is updated from time to time. I am still trying to figure out a strategy, or really anything to make it more beneficial for me. Twitter is always my top traffic referrer. I spend the majority of my time on that site, and my following is far more significant than the other sites.

I decided to not have a theme for my instagram and to just make it personal. I have seen more engagement that way, and I think it fits my overall aesthetic much better. I think that everyone in the world is as confused about Bloglovin growth as I am. I just cannot seem to really gain much growth since my initial bump.


I sent out another newsletter this month, which is honestly so fun to create. I found a template design that I am satisfied with and can easily update to change for every month. If you are one of those eleven people, let me know how it was! If you were not one of those 11 people, pop your name into the bar at the top of the page and join in. I also created my first set of stock photos which are available right here!

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