How to use Canva (step by step!)

A Step By Step (1)

Hi friends! I have recently been contacted a few times about how I do my graphics for my blog, so, I figured today was a great day to show you a super easy way to get graphics that are pinnable, as well as eye catching. Best news? It is free, and definitely does not require any Photoshop skills (thank goodness!).

If you are like me, you may lack some photography skills, and that’s okay! There are a ton of places you can get styled images. For this tutorial, I am using a photo from, and guess what…you can get them too! Click right here, and sign up for her newsletter, it is dope. I use for pretty much everything. I have even pushed it on my friends, it is like my own form of drug. Every graphic that I use in my posts has been created with canva, no joke. My Photoshop skills are pretty funny. It takes me a while to even pull up a picture, this is not a joke. It is something I am working on, but these things take time, girlfriend. Let us hop into the tutorial, shall we?

  1. Alright, so this will be the first thing you see. Depending on what you are using the site for, you can pick a template to fit your need. They have pretty much perfect sizing, but you can also do your own dimensions, so do your thing!


2. Awesome, you picked your template. For this, I am using the blog graphic because….duh. From here, you can pick a pre-designed template for a price, which would be pretty great for invitations or some sort of something. We are making our own,  because we are cool.

canva 2

3. Here is something I love about this website, you can add  your own uploads to a folder, and the website keeps them on. Y’all know I am all about convenience. I am able to keep all of my free styled stock photos and my own personal images together. There is no hunting through the millions of things saved on my laptop, I know…I need to clean it up. So pick your image, and let’s keep rolling!


4. Yay, you found it! Now it is time to position it. For this graphic, I am positioning this down towards the bottom so that I can have a nice white background that will help the colors pop. You are also able to flip the image anyway you want it to suit your graphic.


5. Got it lined up? Grool (you’re welcome, Mean Girls is life). I like to have a pop of color to add more interest to my graphics. I think this is great for Pinterest, that is definitely what catches my eye when I am scrolling through. Go over to the elements section located in the sidebar. Pick yourself out a great shape to add to your graphic, and pick your color. I have no idea why, but I have been in a pink mood lately, but there are no rules. Do what you want, it is like eating at Outback Steakhouse…no rules. Just right. TIP: I like to turn the transparency down to add some dimension.


6. Now it is time to let your reader know what this graphic represents, and why it deserves their attention. It is like the speech section of a Miss America pageant. Select the text option, and find what speaks to you. They have a ton of pre-made layouts for text, which are fan-freaking-tastic. I keep the same text format to keep my graphics consistent. I try and keep it in black, but sometimes I have to do white depending on the graphic I use in the background. In addition to the main text, I also put a little “summary” of what the post is meant to offer my readers, in this example, we used “Improving your blog”. Always looking out for you. I want us all to kick butt! I obviously put my site on the bottom as sort of a trademark, and also it puts my blog in people’s minds when they see that. Mind Control ::insert crystal ball emjoi here::.


7. Final step that I do is to put lines around the main text to draw focus to what the post is about. I just use simple black lines, I know, extra advanced. You can find all sorts of shapes and things in the elements section, just have a gander. Final step, save your stuff! You have worked so hard, don’t lose it now! I save mine as a regular graphic, nothing advanced over here.


Congratulations my friend! You are all done and ready to go spread your super awesome personalized graphic all over the internet. Put that puppy on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, wherever you want to publish your content at. Graphics definitely make a huge difference to your blog, and this is such an easy way to make graphics. Also, in case you are wondering….I am not sponsored or anything of any sort, I just like sharing tips! Gosh! Have you ever used Canva? Do you use another platform like Picmonkey? Let me know in the comments, and happy blogging!



  1. This is a great intro for canva! When I first started using Vance I was so confused about what to do, but it just takes time and practice! Lovely post!

    1. It is such a useful tool for bloggers, or just anyone who needs an editing software in general! So easy to use.

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