Guide to Free Stock Photos

6 FREE (1)Hello once again! I decided to bring you a list of my favorite places for stock photos. We all don’t have a million hours (or the equipment) to take our own photos just yet, and sometimes you just need to use them. We all have been there, and I definitely utilize them as well. This is a list of the free options that are out there, so I would consider this another addition to my Beginner’s Blogging series I am continuing on with. There are a ton of amazing pay per photo options, but that is another blog post! Let’s make this short and sweet!

Death To Stock Photo


This one takes a little bit of searching, but there are some great photos on here, and a lot of inspiration even if you are not planning on using any of the photos you have found. They also have articles and music featured on this site as well, so there is a lot of interesting information.




This site is definitely one of my favorites. This website is full of photos taken by Ryan Mcguire, and is totally free for your use (heck yeah). This has a super easy navigation, and has a lot of cool and interesting categories to choose from.



Once again, definitely one of my top pics. This also has a great premium option that allows for even more photo options. This site also offers vectors and videos, so they offer quite a lot of different media for your blogs!



This has  a lot of nature and travel type photos. Photos are great quality, but I wish there was a category option for easier photo location.



This is almost like a social media site full of photos, haha. You can like them, which is an additional way of sorting out the photos. There are a couple of different ways of sorting the photos in addition to categories, they also offer a graphic editor!



This site makes collections which are essentially themed photo stories, and are pretty easy to navigate. This is similar to the other site in that it does not have a category section, which is annoying, but if you dig around, you can find some real gems!

Those are my top free stock photo sites. One thing to keep in mind while looking for stock photos is CHECK THE LICENSE, seriously. Even if they say “free”, you want to make sure that your potential usage is in line with the photographer or site that is providing them to you. Blogging is cool, but blogging legally is even cooler! In addition, a lot of these sites have email sign-ups, and they will actually send you free photos to your inbox, talk about convenience!





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