Google Analytics: The Basics

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Hey Hey! If you are here, then you either are planning on connecting to Google Analytics, or you are on it, but confused! I was right there with you! Don’t worry. We all know I went into the blogging world without any actual idea what I was doing. I am slowly getting around to kind of knowing what is going on. I spent a long time on the internet researching and learning. To save you a bit of time, I am going to tell you everything I learned! Let’s get crackin’! 


I know that you have seen this on your dashboard and asked yourself “What the heck is a bounce rate?”. I am almost 100% sure that is what I did at least. I won’t be talking about how to increase your numbers, this is just informative. I don’t have the skills to talk about that, haha! First off, why do we need analytics? Why do they matter? It is just a great and easy way to actually see how your content is performing. It is like when people do their monthly reports, but on a daily and way more detailed level. Let’s start with our Audience Overview…

  1. SESSIONS: This is just the number of times your site has been viewed within a certain amount of time. Google allows you to choose the time frame for your stats If you want to see all time, you can. If you want to see the past week, you can! It counts every time someone views it, even if it is the same person.
  2. USERS: This is the number of individual people who have visited your site. This is different from sessions in that it does not count repeat visitors.
  3. PAGE VIEWS: The total number of pages viewed on your site, duh!
  4. PAGES/SESSION: This is the average number of pages that someone visits per session on your site.
  5. AVG SESSION DURATION: Simply, the amount of time they spend on your site! This measures the time in minutes, in case you were wondering.
  6. BOUNCE RATE: This can be confusing at first. It is the percentage of people who do not visit a second page while visiting your site. The ultimate goal is to have a lower rate. Think golf! Having a lower rate means that you are able to get your viewers to explore your site, which will lead to more page views!
  7. % NEW SESSIONS: These are brand new viewers! This counts the people who have never been to your site, you can also find this information in the pie graph that is featured on your dashboard. It tells you the same information

*Let’s talk about new viewers compared to returning viewers*

In all of my marketing classes this was a huge topic. New viewers are always great. This means that your blog is getting out there, and your content is attracting an audience. This usually has to do with topics that are trending, or just your self marketing approach. Returning viewers are people who like your content. They are continuously coming back to see what your new post is about. I have always been taught to really cherish returning viewers. It is kind of a sign that your content is something that people want to see, and that your voice is being heard (which is always nice!).

I am not a pro Google Analytics wizard, but I can answer any questions you may have, or just any general questions about blogging. Shoot me an email, or leave me a comment down below. Always down to help a sista out!



  1. This is awesome, Ashlee! Google Analytics can be so confusing, but it’s a gold mine once you figure it out! Thanks for sharing, love 🙂

    x Krista

  2. I am just now really getting into learning all about my blog analytics and found what you said about the bounce rate super helpful! think the thing that helps me the most is looking where people are coming from, like for example I get the most traffic from Twitter! Great post, Ashlee! I would love to see more like this! 🙂

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