Do’s and Don’ts of Blog Commenting

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As a blogger, I get so excited when I receive a comment. To me, that means someone liked my content enough that they went out of their way to say something. As amazing as that feeling can be, there are also such things as bad comments. Shocking, I know! So the questions have to be asked. What should you be commenting on other blogs? What counts as negative self promotion? Are your intentions good? Hopefully I will be able to answer a few of these for you.


I know that going and reading blogs can sometimes be difficult to fit into our schedules. I know that I have to set aside time at random hours to get that done. No shade from over here! As a new blogger, it is awkward at first, but it really can male all of the difference in your blogging journey.

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  1.  Take the rime to actually read their content. I cannot stress this enough. It is like doing a school report. You need to have a reference to the post, otherwise, what was the point of commenting?
  2. Give your opinion. Not only is this of interest to the original author, but it also might be interesting to the other readers of that post. This is something I do frequently on beauty posts. If I know of a product that is similar, then I will go ahead and be sure to put that in my comment.
  3. Go above and beyond! If I really love a post, I will go ahead and email the blogger to further elaborate on my thoughts, or to pick their brains. Plus, how wonderful is it to get emails? Pretty great!
  4. Go ahead and leave your website as part of your signature. You need to make sure you that your comment is appropriate before doing any self promotion.



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  1. My number one is do not make it about yourself! You are commenting on someone else’s work. Give them the spotlight for a minute homegirl.
  2. Do not leave a generic two word response. The blogger may see it as as self promotion and delete it. You do not want to give yourself a bad reputation.
  3. It is in really poor taste to complain about a blog/author/writing style in comments. If something bother you that much, or if there are untrue statements, then email that person privately. Do not drag people through the mud. Karma is real!
  4. Most importantly, blog comments are not to spam others and try and receive traffic that way. If I see people doing that, I always put them on my figurative “do not read list”. Please don’t put yourself there. I want to read everyone’s blogs!

Honestly, being a successful blogger boils down to being a good and hardworking gal. It is much easier to do things the correct way the first time around than to have to fix things over and over. Comment, build relationships, try things. The world is waiting on you. Do you have any tips for commenting? Share them below if you do!









  1. As a newish blogger I found this really helpful, especially the part where you talked about fitting blog reading into your schedule. I want to read all the blogs I follow and leave good feedback/conversation, that’s definitely something I’m working on.

    Also, blog comment etiquette is so important! I’m glad you touched on it 🙂

  2. As a newish blogger I found this really helpful, especially the part where you talked about fitting blog reading into your schedule. I want to read all the blogs I follow and leave good feedback/conversation, that’s definitely something I’m working on.

    Also, blog comment etiquette is so important! I’m glad you touched on it 🙂

  3. So simply put, and still so important. A very timely, and needed post. Wishing more commenters would pick up on this advice, but I’m guessing spammers don’t really care about etiquette,

  4. Hey Ashlee, I love this post because commenting is so important in the blogosphere. It’s a major way to make connections with each other, so we should be sure to do it correctly. I always try to write well-thought-out comments that add to the discussion presented in the post or to give my opinion. If I don’t have something of value to say, I don’t comment.
    -Aly (

  5. Great post and something no one really talks about! I’m glad you did as I have always been on the fence about commenting on people’s posts in case it looked too much like I was self promoting and had stopped completely for a while!

    Thanks for the tips!


  6. Finally ! Someone understands lol I’m not a big blogger(i’m actually only one week into it) I don’t get a lot of engagement but when I do I normally enjoy it! I rather have engagement rather than views because who wants to have a blog if they don’t hear what other people have to say about the topic? So, people should really learn how to comment on each others blog post ! lol

    Thanks for sharing this post with us

  7. I’ve been trying to find the time to comment on more blogs recently – but as a new blogger it always feels a bit forced. I prefer discovering useful posts (like this) and then commenting spontaneously, but there are so many fab blogs out there I know I should put more time in!

    Until I find my grove with all this, I’ll definitely be referring back to this post 😀

    Thanks for putting it together!

    Hannah aka The Lazy Girl

  8. Loved this post . It is very helpful and full of useful tips for bloggers or those new to the blogging community. Have a lovely day . xx

  9. I’ve never read a post about comments before, yet they’re such an important part of blogging! Everyone should read this 🙂

    Cathy |

  10. Agreed on all points! Personally I read posts because of genuine interest in what the topic is or find it helpful in some way, so that would drive me nuts if people just commented “great job!” and that was it lol. Especially after you put so much time into writing something.

  11. Interesting points. New to blogging and I love checking out other peoples blogs to learn, get inspiration and to also give my opinion. I wrote a blog post the other day and was slightly baffled when a person commented kinda harshly… I felt they got totally got the wrong end of the stick and misread the overall message of the post… and I was tempted to delete it! They were almost attacking me! Glad to hear I’m not the only one who gets put off my the tone of what others comment!
    Also, I have the exact same I Am Very Busy diary – good taste! 🙂 xo

  12. I’m really bad for just making a comment like *me me me* I do try, but I’m such a blabber mouth (see I’m doing it here too! Argh) but I love your points, totally agree, I hate “nice post!” Comments – not cool 🙁

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  13. I agree that self promotion can be in very taste if not done right! Especially if you beg for someone to follow you. So I am glad for the advice because commenting can be difficult.

  14. Oh the dreaded self promo, haha! I find a lot of new blogs through the comment section of other people’s blogs. However, if I see blatant spam or self-promo without a genuine comment, they go straight on my ‘no read list’ too! These were really helpful tips for new bloggers! x

  15. Thinking really carefully about what I write here… hahaha

    Jokes aside I loved this post. I think a lot of people comment with slightly selfish motives, and you can tell cause they don’t engage with the subject matter and just comment a word or two, and leave their link – which drives me crackers!


    Izzy |

  16. This post is great!! I’ve never seen a post about commenting on blogs before and ways to do it in a positive way. Your points are so relevant to I really like it! X melishiascorner x

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