Blogging Goals 2017


Hello my friends. I have not been around here pretty often, but hopefully I can get back into the swing of things. I have been loving all of the blogging goals that people have been posting, and I felt really inspired to create my own. My one year anniversary with this little baby is coming up soon, so why not start the new year off with some goals and motivation?

My overall goal is definitely to grow my baby (Ashlee Liz) into what my initial vision was with this site. That mainly comes down to scheduling time, and actually keeping to that schedule. If you know me at all, you know that is easier said than done, haha.

These are my goals to complete by the end of the year!

  1. Schedule my time to where I am blogging three times a week like I previously did…..oops!
  2. Reach 500 likes on Facebook
  3. Gain a following of 5000 on Twitter
  4. Grow my Pinterest to 2000 followers
  5. Reach 5000 on Instagram
  6. Complete a photography course
  7. Create more lifestyle focused posts
  8. Refresh my media kit
  9. Increase my mailing list

Those are my current blogging goals, but as always, things will come up, and I will just add them into this list for myself and for you.

What are your blogging goals for this year? Let me know down below!

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