August Traffic Report


Hello again friends! It is time for my monthly traffic report which helps me to locate areas I need to focus on for the upcoming month, as well as what you, my readers are actually reading. August was kind of a crazy month for me! I officially moved to Chattanooga from Nashville, and I have been trying to get used to living back here. I also was spending majority of my time with friends and family who I have not been able to hangout with previously. So, how did I do in August?




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Views were pretty relaxed this month. I had a steady stream, which is happily growing from month to month. I did not have as many posts as I have in previous months which I think did hurt me. My top posts were about blogging, so that seems to be something that a few of you may find helpful, and that makes me so happy!

Monthly Views: 1,811 (-383)

Monthly Sessions: 1,157 (-207)

Subscribers: 26

Top Post: How to take blog photos with an iphone

Domain Authority: 21

Page Authority 31

Not posting as often has hurt my views, but I have seen a pretty large amount of traffic to my older posts thanks to social media promotion. Considering that July had my best sessions I have ever seen, I will take coming close to that! I want to work more on my subscriber and email list for the upcoming month. I decided to add in page and domain authority this month. I know that is something I have not been paying attention to in the past, so I want to be sure to focus on that as part of my growth.

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I have been talking about my social media stats forever! I was definitely beginning to struggle, and then once I started doing these reports, I could pinpoint problems. I saw growth in every social media that I am involved in! I once again was not as active as I have been in the past, so I did not grow as much as I think is possible.

Twitter: 1,838 (+156)

Facebook: 67 (+30)

Pinterest:715 (+30)

Instagram: 939 (+77)

Bloglovin: 587 (+99)

I started to finally use Facebook groups as a way to connect and promote my posts as well as social media accounts. I have seen an absolutely insane growth on my Facebook page, and I feel like a lot of my Instagram growth are also coming from those groups as well. Twitter is my biggest source of traffic, and I am pretty active on there, so I kind of always expect larger growth than the rest of the platforms. I put a lot of that on using buffer to help schedule my tweets even when I am not at my computer.

Since school is back in session it has became a lot harder for me to find motivation and honestly time to get things going. This month I am trying to work as far ahead for blog posts as I can, while also being sure the content is sufficient to my standards. If you have any tips, that would be lovely! Until next time!




  1. even though your traffic was down, you’re still experiencing growth so that’s good! these months are usually slow for anyone’s pageviews – they should pick up again this month or in October!

    1. yeah, I will definitely take any growth I can get! At least it helps me find what things to focus on for the upcoming month. Thanks for reading!

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