VIIcode oxygen eye mask

If you’re into beauty products, then you probably know that mask are the hot item of the moment. I have been a firm believer in face masks for years now, and I think I am pretty good at telling the good ones from the bad ones. A few weeks ago I was contacted by VIIcode about trying out their oxygen eye masks. After weeks of using the product, I think I can finally share my honest opinions and thoughts about it. Is this a must have? Find out more.

I have not used as many eye masks as face masks in the past, but I do have some experience with them. I have been suffering from dark circles lately due to workload and just a lack of sleep overall. It was pretty funny when they reached out to me because I had been talking the week prior about how bad my under eye area looked to my aunt. What a coincidence, right?

This is unique in that it is an eight hour eye mask. It is best worn overnight during your beauty sleep so you can get the full benefits of it, but if you don’t have eight hours, then just wear it as long as you are able to. It feels like gel on your skin, and it is actually comfortable as heck to wear. It is super flexible and light on the skin as well. They are pretty large masks so you can even put the mask on the sides of your eyes to get those nasty crowfeet as well.  Since it is gel, it conforms to your eyes for a snug fit on any user.

They are extremely easy to apply, and actually stay on your eye! What a concept! I just walk around my house and do work or chores that I need to do. I also put them on whenever I am sitting down on the couch writing, or just watching television. I have been loving putting them in the freezer for a bit before I put them on my eyes as well, It feels absolutely amazing.

After I take them off, my skin feels plump and tight. Not in an uncomfortable way, but definitely is noticeable. It has made my under eye area plump back up, and I can actually lay off of the concealer under the eyes, which used to be impossible for me to do. Each box contains six masks, and the full course of treatment recommended is three boxes. This product is available on Amazon and is about $58 per box of masks. Click the link below to find out more information or to purchase these masks for yourself!

VIIcode Oxygen Eye Masks

*This product was supplied to me free of charge for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

Have you tried an eye masks? Let me know down below, and let me know if you have tried this one out as well!

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