Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

mondays-7The past few years have been the year of full lips and even fuller brows. While we all have figured out the way to fake some thicker brows, there are not easy ways to create fuller lips. While I was strolling around Sephora a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme display. I personally am terrified of needles, but I still want those lips. Bold lips are calling my name! So, at a steep price is this product worth it? Keep reading to find out!


I think we can all pretty much blame Kylie Jenner for this trend, but this product has been on the market for quite some time. This falls in the line of those lip plumpers that have been all over stores for as long as I have been alive at least. I had one that was my best friend growing up. I have always had pretty thin lips, especially my upper lip. While I use the lip liner trick like nobody’s business, sometimes I wish I could wake up and go. This puppy will run you about $28 bucks at Sephora, which is pretty expensive for a glorified lip gloss. So what are the claims of this product?


This contains Vitamin E, Maxilip, and Marine sponge to encourage blood flow as well as make the lips appear fuller. Not only does this plump up the lips, but it also acts as an amazing moisturizer with jojoba and avocado oil. Not only is it actually making your lips appear fuller, but it acts as a fantastic moisturizer as well. Seriously.

I always use this before I begin my makeup routine so that my lips are nice and ready for the final lip product. While I will admit, there is not a huge change, there is enough for me to notice. My top lip is very thin on the sides, and this product does make it fill out more than if I do not apply it. I have become kind of crazy about it, and apply it like normal chaptstick (that is how good it moisturizes!).


I will say, there is definitely a pretty strong tingle that is associated with this product. It does go away within about ten minutes. It does bother you less and less as time goes on. So keep that in mind too! This totally is not similar to getting your lips professionally done, but I think it is a safe and cheaper alternative to the procedure.

This may be a fantastic thing to pick up at the upcoming VIB sale that Sephora has this time of year, so keep that in mind while you are out shopping! Have you used any lip plumpers? How did they work out for you? Leave me some suggestions in the comments!




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