Too Faced Grand Hotel Cafe


Happy Holidays! Is it too early to start celebrating Christmas? I don’t think it is! It is the time of year when all of the beauty lines start rolling out their holiday collections, and Too Faced is always one that I look out for. While they have specialized products that are only found in certain stores, the Grand Hotel Cafe set is available in all stores as well as online. So, what are you getting in this set? Let’s find out!


So, what are you actually getting in this set? This set has three different scented palettes that feature eyeshadows as well as a cheek product that is designed to create a full look with the eyeshadows. You also receive a small size of the infamous Better Than Sex Mascara. It comes in this gorgeous box that is an amazing combination of different pastel colors. Not only is the outside of the box completely decorated, but then you open up the “doors” of the hotel, and you find the inside of the box decorated like a little cafe. The three palettes inside actually are able to be gifted, and feature a “To:” and a “From” place on the back to write the recipients name.


This has been my absolute favorite palette out of the set so far. I love the almost neutral tones this has compared to the rest of the palettes, but they also threw in this really fun green color which has the cutest name if you are a “Friends” fan! Don’t worry, this does not smell like eggs. This has a cinnamon smell which gives you the eggnog vibe without going overboard. Iced Coffee is by far my favorite in this palette, and I have actually used this in every eye look I have done. Cold Brew is a gorgeous shimmery brown as well. One of my favorite things about all of these is they mix matte shades with shimmer and glitter shades to really give you options. The blush in this palette is a very true peach shade, and it works great on my pale skin.



This palette is definitely more rosy than any of the rest. It combines those colors with some really rich chocolate brown colors, and has a pretty strong chocolate and mint scent. These colors are all very soft, and almost too soft in terms of blending. Christmas Blend is a gorgeous shade, but does run slightly chunky once applied, so be careful of fall out with the more glittery options of these palettes. I think I love the names of these shades more than the rest, and sprinkles is something I am going to have to test out in the near future. Santa Baby is almost a hot pink blush, and I mean, who can turn down that name?


Finally, we have Gingerbread Cookie which is pretty much the smokey palette of the set. These shades are scented  just like a cookie, and I can actually smell these when I apply them to my skin. Black Coffee is one of the richest black shades I have ever came in contact with, and is a fantastic addition to the set overall. I am in love with Winter Dream which is almost a taupe, but with a hint more purple. It also is pretty glittery, so this is going to be one of my go to shades during the party season. Unlike the previous palettes, the cheek product in this is Gingerbread which is a bronzer with a slight shimmer to it. I am not sure how great this would work on people who have a deeper complexion than I do, but my pale skin has really been loving it.


Finally, your special little gift is this deluxe sample size of Better Than Sex. I used to be really into this mascara, and can say that the waterproof version is amazing. The traditional formula is not one of my favorites, but it is great to layer with other mascaras because it does lengthen and define, but I don’t get much volume or intensity from this mascara. Either way, I love the style of the brush, and wish more mascaras featured this kind of style. My favorite mascara of the moment features this kind of brush but has a different formula.

What holiday collections are you looking forward to, or what have you already picked up? Which palette is your favorite? Let me know down below!


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