Sunday Riley C.E.O.

It will come as no shock that I love Sunday Riley. Her products definitely come at a higher cost than other products, but this is because her stuff actually makes a difference. I have talked about a couple of her products in the past, Power Couple and Juno. This product is different in that it is a moisturizer, not just a treatment or face oil. At a less terrifying price point than her oils, should you splurge on this luxury moisturizer? After weeks of using it daily, I am finally ready to give my opinion. 

I know what you’re thinking. How many skincare products can I actually review? Well Cady Heron, the limit does not exist. I have really been needing a new moisturizer for a couple of months now. I actually had no idea this product even existed until I was on the Sephora site ordering my Juno oil. This is marketed as a protect and repair moisturizer with incredible moisturization. This is an incredibly thick and luxurious moisturizer that is packed full of amazing things for your skin.

First off, this contains Vitamin C that helps fight UV and pollution damage to your skin. This fights off the sign of wrinkles, dullness, and dehydration that you may be experiencing. Vitamin C helps to promote the production of collagen, and gives your face a brighter and more even tone. It also has lime pearl extract (what on earth is that?!) that acts as a very gentle exfoliant as well.

I use this product twice a day. I have sensitive skin, and especially with moisturizers, and I have not had an issue with anything yet. I use this under my foundation which helps everything go on beautifully, and sometimes I just wear this product alone because it will instantly boost my radiance. I have been able to tell a real difference in my skin with this product, and have not been experiencing the dryness that usually comes this time of year. Especially with this crazy weather we are having lately. It also smells like orange gummy candy, which I love!

You’re getting 1.7oz of product for about $65. I get all of my Sunday Riley products at Sephora, but these products are available at multiple places online. Just google it and you can find them at your preferred retailer. Unfortunately, there is not a discount with these products, but trust me, it is worth it!

What is your must have skincare item? Have you tried any Sunday Riley products? Let me know your favorites!

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