Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum

I have a problem when it comes to Sunday Riley. I feel like I need to try everything as soon as it comes out. I have talked about quite a few products in previous posts before, including the original C.E.O. moisturizer which has become a staple in my skincare routine. So naturally, if there is something that packs an even bigger punch of Vitamin C for my skin than the moisturizer, you know I am on it. I am on pretty much anything that is Sunday Riley, to be fair. Let’s get into my thoughts!

My skin suffers from dullness quite often. No matter what I do to prevent it, so I am always interested in anything that is brightening or radiance boosting. This is packed out with Vitamin C, 15% to be exact, which is pretty strong. This product claims to fight dullness, dark spots, and hyper pigmentation. Which are similar claims to the original moisturizer.

This has a pretty strong citrus scent, so be warned. I am not a huge fan of that scent, but I do love using Vitamin C in my skincare routine. It is one of the few products that makes a difference in my skin, but we will get to that in a minute. This has a milky consistency, which was actually a shock to me. It is extremely lightweight, and coming from someone who uses the moisturizer, it is kind of refreshing. I feel like I can put it on my face and it is being absorbed, not transferring to different surfaces. I have also heard this is great to use with Luna, which I also one, so you can believe that I will be trying that combination out soon.

I have been using this product for a couple of weeks now, and I honestly see a huge impact on  my skin. If I have a long night out and then apply this product, my skin looks like I have been sleeping for days. Not only does it improve how my skin looks, but my skin also feels amazing. It creates a smooth surface on my skin, and keeps my face feeling moisturized and soft.

Although this product is going to cost you a pretty penny, I am such a fan of Sunday Riley products. She has me hooked for life. They do make a lot of smaller sets that feature multiple products for those who are interested, but may not be ready to cough up the money. Trust me, your bank account will thank you for trying before you buy!



  1. I LOVE Sunday RIley products! Which can sometimes be a bummer because they are definitely expensive.? I haven’t tried this brightening one yet, but do you think it’s comparable to the Ole Henriksen truth serum? I’ve loved that one for years.

    1. They are expensive. I tell myself that I can splurge on skincare, haha. I haven’t tried that product out, but I will add it to my list of things to try!

    1. The packaging is definitely excessive. That seems to be a trend of the brand. I liked Good Genes at first, but I noticed a weird reaction to my skin over time, so I quit using it. I haven’t read too much about the controversy surrounding the products, but I will definitely be looking into that. Especially for the price of the products. Thanks for the heads up!

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