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No my friend, these are not new to me. I have been on this bandwagon for who knows how long, seriously. I don’t know how long. Since they came out? Probably. There are not many beauty products that I have repurchased for years, but the Revlon Lip Butters are definitely something I always find myself buying. While rummaging around my bathroom drawers today, I asked myself why I haven’t talked about these products yet, so here it goes.

This is not the most long lasting product, but the feeling that it gives your lips is absolutely amazing. It has this gel-like consistency that makes it apply….like butter. Seriously. Most people that know me are fully aware of my absolute love for bold lip colors. These are the six shades that I have, but they have eighteen different shades available on the website. If you don’t care for these, there are definitely enough to find some option that you enjoy.

The first color is Sorbet which is like a fuchsia. Definitely not a color I typically lean toward, but it looks amazing this time of year!


Lollipop is definitely the most worn.Without question. This is similar to Sorbet, but definitely more of a purple tone. I also feel like it may be a slight richer as well.


Raspberry Pie is (IMO) a more wearable version of Lollipop. If you took out the blue tone that is in Lollipop, this would be eat. It is definitely a true pink, but a deeper pink.


Sweet Tart is a cool toned pink that leans towards the coral side of life. Because I am naturally pink (pale probs!) this is hard for me to pull off without some sort of tan going on, but it is beautiful when it is on!


Sugar Plum is the most basic of all of them, haha. This is pretty much the color of my lips, and something I use as a lip balm. It does give a little bit of a darker shade, but still natural.


I don’t think I would be myself if I did not include some sort of red in this! While this is not the true red of the bunch, it is the red that we are talking about today! Cherry Tart is more of a pinky red, but does show up red, so don’t worry, haha.


When I was younger I started out with Revlon products, as most of us did. In addition to an amazing feeling, these have some amazing color pay off as well. For how creamy they are, they last a lot longer than you would expect. I usually apply a lip liner similar to this and then use this for not only color, but also they hydration. These babies are moisturizing. Your lips will thank you!

What are your go to beauty products? Do you have something you have repurchased time and time again? Let me know down below!



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