NYX Liquid Suede Lipsticks

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These have been all over the internet for a while now. Am I late to the game? Possibly. While doing my normal routine (meandering around Target buying things I don’t actually need) I stumbled across a display of these. So are they holy grail liquid lipsticks? Find out!

NYX is one of those brands that has been associated with great makeup for a long time. It has the equivalent quality of higher priced items, but is easily available (now!), and always has a fair price. Liquid lipsticks are all the rage right now, but the drugstores did not have many choices. They were either too drying or just did not have the staying power that we expected. NYX finally fixed that for us. Meet your new best friend, the Liquid Suede Collection.

These having amazing pigmentation. I apply it once, and boom, perfect color. Like all lipsticks, I line my lips before I apply any sort of lip product, but even when I swatched these it was lasting wonderfully. There is not much of a scent that I can identify, so if you are someone who worries about lip product smells, then you should be okay with this one. The finish is matte which is amazing! Like I previously stated, I have always been terrified of drugstore liquid lipsticks. Most of the ones that I have tried were extremely drying, but I have no problem with these. I wore tea and cookies all night long with no need to reapply, and no need to use any chapstick or anything of that sort.

Tea and Cookies is this lovely blushy-nude color. I will say that the color in the tube is different than what you expect it to be. It is slightly too pink for me, but if I layer it over a darker nude lip liner, then the magic happens! That turns it into a “My lips but better” color for me, which makes me so happy. I know that Soft Spoken is similar to this color, but they were sadly out. I even had someone ask me if I had lip injections. That’s how natural it looks on me. Plus, since it is moisturizing, your lips look full!

The one that initially caught my attention was Stone Fox. I mean….you know me. If there is a dark lip color, then I have to have it. *PSA:Stone Fox is not black!* In the tube, it definitely gives off that vibe, but after applying to your lips, it is this dark teal. It is kind of beautiful. Do I know where I’ll wear it? Nope, but it has to be soon. I catch myself just looking at it, haha.


Have you tried these yet? What are your favorite colors? If you know any other drugstore liquid lipsticks then be sure to share the joy! These little babies are only $6 dollars too! You really cannot beat that. Can we ever have enough? Nope!



  1. I definitely need to try these! I’m obsessed with ColourPop’s Ultra Matte Lips, which are also $6, so I need to see how they compare. I think I need to add Stone Fox to my collection. I hope you get to wear it soon!

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