Naked Skin Concealer Review

FullSizeRenderHello again friends! Personally, I am not a big make up wearer. Do I love it? Yes. Do I spend more money than I should on it? Yes. Does it just sit in my room and look amazing? Heck Yes. There are three products that are must haves for me, brow anything, mascara, and concealer. I am going to talk about the best concealer ever, the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. Why is this so perfect? Let me tell you…

  1. It is super light, so you do not even notice it is there. I have never had a creasing problem, or looked greasy, which is something I definitely cannot say for other products I have used before. I do not even need to set this, it just covers, looks natural, and lightens up certain areas, which leads me on to my next point.
  2. Um hi, it is the age of the highlight, and if you are more tan than I am, this can act as a highlighter! Yes girl, strobe it up, bake it, whatever you call it. Once I get my fake tan going, I will be there with you. I know quite a few people that use the shade that I have, which is the lightest shade (#redhead probs), but use it as a highlighter/concealer thing, and it looks beautiful. It does say that it is light diffusing, which is definitely on point with the makeup trends right now.
  3. For how light it is, it is definitely full coverage. I can throw it on, and I know that I don’t have to apply any sort of second layer for it to hide my blemishes or dark circles. If I am going to be out for a long time, I will set it with a powder, but that is maybe one out of one hundred times. For someone who gets as little sleep as I do, I am all about hiding my dark circles.

naked skin 2  naked skin 3  naked skin 1

The first picture above is no concealer, the second is obvi the concealer (I know you aren’t blind), and the third is the concealer rubbed into my hand. Can’t see it can you? Nope. If you are in the market for a concealer that is worth your money, I definitely suggest trying this one out. This has been my go to concealer for around 6 months, and I can never image finding anything I love more than this. I have even made my roommate and my mother make the switch! It will run you around $27, but you get quite a large amount, and a little goes a long way. Have you tried this one out yet? If you haven’t, what is your go to concealer? Let me know!




    1. It is incredible, I don’t even think this did it justice, but it is a great concealer for people who don’t wear a ton of makeup (or do, this is serious stuff). Thanks so much for you comment!

    1. Thank you so much! I went and did the exact thing for you, and I really am looking forward to us being blogging friends! Thanks for your comment.

    1. Me too! They make such great products. They really live up to the expectations that you would have coming from a brand like Urban Decay. Thanks for your comment!

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