March Makeup Must Haves

…wow, that was a lot of M’s. I fluctuate between wearing a ton of makeup, and wearing nothing. It mainly depends on the day, and how lazy I am that day. Not kidding. I will sit for hours and read articles and reviews about makeup, watch Youtube videos about makeup, and force my poor boyfriend to listen to me talk about the difference in two red lipsticks on the phone (bless him). When I actually decide to do my makeup, which is more often than not, these are my loves. So here is a list (y’all know I love a good list) of my favorites, and why I love them. Let’s go!

makeup 1. Naked 2 palette…literally the best one out of the three that I own. I am a fan of cool neutrals. Also, Tease works perfectly for your girl’s brows. So, I can do eye shadow, *BROWS*, eyeliner, and I can even get away with a solid contour and highlight out of this. So, this is my go-to travel makeup palette as well.

2. NARS blushes are known for being the, and this one is my favorite. I love a good name, and I thoroughly enjoying saying “Deep Throat” when someone asks me what blush I am wearing. I have gotten some amazing looks, and it is just the name of the blush! Geez! It is a peachy/pinky/goldeny situation which looks decently natural, and it just looks good with all makeup, so try it. You will not be disappointed.

3. This mascara is my life line, and no, I am not exaggerating. This is a mascara that I randomly picked up, and it is so great that I have my roommates hooked to it. It adds length and volume to my lashes, never flakes, and it stays on until I am ready to take it off. Plus, best part, it is from the drugstore and under 10 bucks, save your money girl. Spring is coming, frozen yogurt is happening.

4. I think I have talked about the Rimmel Provocalips line before. It is a “kiss proof” lip color formulation. I love it, so much. I wish there were more colors that I was interested in, because I would own every single one of them. This is in the color Kiss Fatal, and it is the darkest shade there is, but still could be darker in my opinion. They have some amazing reds though! I have the two reds in the line, and they wear great, stay on forever, and are extremely vibrant. It is one of those two step deals, and the “lock & shine” side is smooth as butter. Once again, *DRUGSTORE*! I think it is even less than the mascara, so try this one out too!

5. I think the stars shined down on Earth when this concealer was created. The Urban Decay Naked Skin is the best concealer I have ever used. Not exaggerating at all. It is this amazing “weightless, complete coverage” concealer that will pretty much hide anything you want it to. I usually apply it to my under eye and throw on a brightening powder to top it off, and it looks like I have never lost an hour of sleep, or had a struggle in my life. I have it fair/neutral because….well…I am pale AF. If you have a deeper complexion, then this would probably be bomb for hightlighting in your contour routine. Give it a shot, what could go wrong.

6. Everyone, meet my boyfriend. This foundation and I have been together for years. I may trade him in for a new model, but he is always perfect. Perfect coverage, perfect amount of that dewy look, and comes in a great range of colors. As a redhead, I have issues finding foundations that are too light, and the color Deauville (light 4) is like my skin in a bottle. The foundation needs a pump, and NARS has since came out with their foundations with pumps, and if it bothers you that much, you can buy a pump for it, don’t worry. They have you covered.

Alllllright friends, that is all for my makeup must haves. I will probably do some intense makeup favorites one day, but until then, this is it! Let me know if you have tried any of these, and if you try something, let me know! I love hearing about things I have recommended, and how much they liked (or disliked, whatevz) it. Until next time!




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