Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation & Perfecting Coconut Primer


‘I have been pretty into the Nars Sheer Glow foundation for years, seriously, YEARS. After I finished my recent bottle of the foundation, I found myself asking “What else is there?”. I had seen a ton of bloggers raving about the Perfecting Coconut Primer, and while I was looking at the display, I noticed the Supercharged Gel foundation sitting behind it. S0, in some crazy turn of events, I found myself carrying a bag without the Nars foundation. So, are these products were the hype (and expensive price tag!)? Read on to find out!

Let’s talk about the primer first, since that goes under the foundation. I’ll be honest with you. I am not crazy about primers. I have not ever used one enough to know if it makes a huge difference. I actually had this crazy thing happen last year with my skin, and I became oily. It shocked me too girl! I pretty much live by anything that Nicole Guerriero tells me to do, and she included this primer in her end of year favorites, so it was kind of a no brainer for me to try it out.

This is a hydrating primer, but does not replace the need for a moisturizer. It leaves a hydrated and soft feeling to my skin, and never makes me feel like I have too much product on or anything. It sinks into the skin quickly, and feels like a lotion instead of a silicone primer. It does not really have any sort of fragrance to it, which is nice considering that I am pretty sensitive to smells. I think if you suffer from dry skin during the winter, or year round oily skin, then this is great for either of those issues.

Alrighty, to the foundation! First off, this has a crazy texture! It starts out as a gel like mouse, that almost feels whipped, and ends up as an incredibly blendable liquid foundation. This is incredibly light on the skin, even in comparison to my old Sheer Glow that I used to wear all the time. This does have a pretty light coverage on the first application, but is buildable over time, and has a great first layer if you use something like a beautyblender to put it on.

One thing I have noticed is that you need to set this foundation with a powder. Not for staying power, this foundation wears all day on me. It does have a transfer issue, and I usually notice it on my phone if I have to talk to someone on it. It is incredibly comfortable to wear on the skin, and provides hydration just like the primer does. My color selection was on point, so I am thankful for that!


Final thoughts are that the primer is completely worth it. I love the feeling of the primer, I love how I feel like it actually helps my makeup stay on, but the foundation is something that may have to grow on me. I love the coverage and the feeling, but the transfer is a pretty big issue for someone who does not enjoy wearing powders. The packaging is pretty darn luxurious though, so if you are looking for something like that, then try it out. The bottles are a frosted glass, which is not great for travel, bu they do have pumps which makes them easy to use, and easy to control the product inside as well.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Genius Gel Super-Charged Oil-Free Foundation ($48)

Marc Jacobs Beauty Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer ($44)




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