Lush Favorite: Lord of Misrule


It is definitely no secret that I am kind of Lush crazy. If you took one look in my bathroom, you would think you walked into a store. Last year, I tried out the Lord Of Misrule bath bomb, and I pretty much fell in love. Luckily, Lush kept this scent around for the holidays this year so we can enjoy it year round! If you are interested in how on Earth I can pick a favorite from Lush, then read on my friend!


First off, let’s talk about what you can expect from the bath bomb. It is this fantastic green with some wine colored dots on the outside. There is a crown with is representative of the pagan tradition of Saturnalia. This guy also rules the Feast of Fools during English Christmas traditions. The Lord of Misrule was allowed to rule over anyone during the holiday time, which sounds pretty cool to me! Anyway, once you drop this baby into the water, you are going to get this green foam which will actually turn into a gorgeous wine color. To be honest, it kind of looks like blood in your bath, but let us all take a note from American Horror Story: Coven…blood is good for your skin, so just tell yourself that if you get freaked out! *It isn’t blood!*.


Since I have been waiting on this to come out all year, you can say that I am pretty well stocked with my fill of Lord Of Misrule. The shower cream is a new addition to my shower this year. The scent is pretty darn earthy. It has black pepper inside that makes it this amazing spicy scent and has a pretty strong influence of patchouli in it. There is a hint of vanilla to warm it up just a bit, but it really smells like the holidays to me. The shower cream is pretty darn thick and has the same amazing green color that you see on the outside of the bottle. Lush actually made this without preservatives so it is self-preserving, which means it is even better for your skin!

What are your favorite products from Lush? Be sure to try out Lord Of Misrule too!


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