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I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of hair. When I say a ton I mean, HOURS to air dry my hair. Even blow drying takes hours. When dry shampoo first came on the scene, I was very hesitant about it. After trying out a few, I finally found one that worked for me, and that is by Living Proof.

Lets talk about the texture of my hair. Super curly (naturally), super think, prone to dryness and breakage. Yeah, it’s great. My friends that used dry shampoo mainly used it to build volume in their hair, and lord knows I did not need any help in that department. I was reading Allure one day and one of the editors (who has similar hair to me) was talking about a dry shampoo that was her product of the year. I ran to Ulta so fast. So why is it any different? I have the answers!


Living Proof. Perfect Hair Day has a different cleaning technology than others I have used. It claims to have a triple effect. Now, since my hair is so dry, it doesn’t get too oily. I do go quite a while without washing my hair though, and this stuff works. They feature OFPMA molecules which reduces the friction on hair which makes it easy to remove too!

A lot of dry shampoos will absorb oil, but don’t do much about odor. They will mask it for about an hour, but it always comes back. This has a time release scent to keep your hair not only feeling fresh, but smelling fresh too. This goes toward the floral side, so keep that in mind. I love the scent though!


While blonde gals have it made, anyone with darker hair has to worry about residue. While I have experienced that with this, the product states that is the cleaning process and to just wait 30 seconds before brushing. Not hard to do! This is also great for all hair types, so have no fear!

To use, just spray 6 – 8 inches away, lift hair to get to the roots for maximum cleaning, leave for 30 seconds, and massage or brush in!

Do you have a holy grail dry shampoo? If so, let me know. If you have used any other Living Proof products, I would love to hear about those too. Talk to you soon.




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