July Beauty Favorites


Hello friends! Can you believe it is already the end of July? It has been insanely hot here in the South, but I have been managing to wear some makeup. None of these are really new products, but they are all tried and true favorites which have really helped me out a ton this month.


  1. MAC Cosmetics Lipglass in Florabundance: Definitely an oldie! I am almost 100% sure I bought my first tube of this back when Tanya Burr used to talk about it constantly. If she had a holy grail nude lip gloss, then I clearly had to try it. As weird as it is for me to enjoy a nude, semi-opaque gloss, it is one of those colors I can just throw on and go. As much as I love dark colors, not all summer activities allow them to happen.
  2. MAC Cosmetics Bronzer in Refined Golden: I am really not much of a bronzer gal. When summer rolls around, I always get the urge to throw some on so it looks like I go outside sometimes. This is not a strong bronzer, so it is perfect for someone who is as pale as I am. Since this is definitely not a contour powder, I don’t mind the shimmer than runs through it. If anything, it really helps give me the summer glow I want without having to harm my skin.
  3. MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Woodwinked: Similar to the hype that Florabundance had a few years back, Woodwinked definitely was a (and probably still is) a cult classic in terms of summer eyeshadows. If I remember correctly, this was defined as an antique gold color. The reflect that happens once this is on your eye is pretty severe. I have to be really careful about using it because I am so fair. It warms up the eyes so quickly, and this does magic for my green eyes.
  4. Milani Baked Blush in Fantastico Mauve: Not the normal blush color that I would go for during summer, but this has this amazing finish. On my skin, it shows up as a deep rose, and then the shimmer and lighter shades running through it really make it stand out (in a good way!).   This is a super favorite during fall and winter, but after using this in my daily routine for about two weeks, it may just have to be a yearly favorite!
  5. Wet n Wild Lash-O-Matic: Probably my favorite mascara right now. I know, I said that was the Supersizer Fibers a while back, but this stuff is insane. It genuinely makes me look like I have false lashes, and it does not irritate my eyes at all. I can even just use the mascara without the fiber product and get amazing results too. Plus, it is crazy easy to remove, which is a plus during the summer.
  6. Anastasia Dipbrow Promade in Blonde: When I first got this product I could not figure out a great way to use it. It was also way to heavy, and trust me, I love a bold brow. I finally took the time this month to try and make the product work for me. Everyone else loves it, so why couldn’t I? After working with it for a few weeks, I finally figured out the best way to do it, and best part? It stays on! I can go to swimming, sweat, and even sleep (accidentally) in this stuff and my brows will still look amazing the next day.
  7. Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover: Not much to say, but these are great. I can just throw them in my purse and go. They have been amazing in terms of travel, and it makes changing my nail polish or fixing it so easy. One package can actually do all of my nails, and that is really all I can ask.
  8. NYX Liquid Suede in Tea and Cookies: If you know me at all, you know that I am obsessed with this lip product. I have heard about the hype for quite a while, and I finally saw them at Target and picked some up. This shade goes on slightly light, but it ends up drying to the perfect color. I don’t have to reapply constantly or worry about this coming off on cups or boys either.  Huge fan of these.
  9. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Pinky Promise: Gel polish is the hype right now. I love a good nude pink color, and this satisfies that need. It is part of the two step process from Sally Hansen, so you need the top coat to really get the amazing staying power. I can keep this on for about a week and a half, and I am pretty rough on nails to be honest.
  10. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 30: Literally a staple in my life. This is a dark color which I can where all of time. In summer I can wear it by itself, and in the winter I can stack it on top of a darker lipstick to give a pop to it, and to add moisture. The staying power is not the most amazing, but it is really moisturizing and always applies beautifully.

What are your July favorites? Do you have anything that you couldn’t live without this month?


  1. Lovely picks! I’ve heard good things about some of these products. The Milano fantastico mauve blush looks great and I love almost anything that’s a Mac product! You can check out my faves over on my blog if you like! Great post!

  2. Such a great collection of favourites for the month! I love the ABH brow pomade, I definitely agree that it needs some practice to get the best out of it. The cutex nail varnish removers sound like a genius idea! I need to check them out soon. I’ve always wanted to try out the Milani baked blushes, they sound amazing!

    Sophie – eselle x

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