Influenster Endless Summer Voxbox


If you’re a blogger, then you probably know something about Influenster. If not, it is an online community where members review products, give tips, and can even qualify to receive free boxes full of products to test out. Since we are about to be out of summer, they released a voxbox called Endless Summer. I have been testing the products for a few weeks now, and wanted to share my thoughts.

  1. Max Factor Masterpiece Max and Eyeliner: I remember when I was first getting into makeup, Max Factor was a popular brand. I had this one specific red lipstick which was so red that I was afraid to wear it. I have not seen this brand in stores for years, I would go as far as to say at least ten. I saw the brand when I was abroad, but that was the last time. I was sent these products as part of Max Factor being relaunched in Target stores. I have not seen them in my local stores, but they are available online. The eyeliner is this amazing liquid liner that has a paddle style applicator. It makes it so easy to make a thin line, and stays on like crazy! I tested the product out on my first day of having it, and it took some pretty strong remover to get it off. So the staying power is incredible! The mascara claims high volume, but I find it lengthens more than anything. I did see some flaking which was not ideal, but stacked with another mascara it creates an amazing lash!
  2. Numi Organic Tea: Turmeric, Jasmine Green, and Pu-erh: I have sworn by the chamomile tea from this brand for years to heal a sore throat. I am pretty excited to be able to try out more from this brand. I loved the turmeric tea which was the first one that I tried, and I am currently scouring my local markets for this particular flavor. All of these teas are made from organic products, and a portion of their sales go to charities as well.
  3. Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow: I was actually introduce to this brand through a previous Voxbox. I was not able to fully enjoy that product since it was to thicken hair, and I have so much hair that it doesn’t need. I do need leave in conditioners though. Not only does this actually make my hair soft, but it also smells absolutely amazing. This not only helps to strengthen and fortify your hair, but it also helps to detangle, and I have some pretty curly hair that I have to work with. This product features Procapil which has been clinically proven to help your hair grow, but I cannot say I have seen any growth in two weeks haha, I will keep you updated.
  4. Seche Vite: I received a mini of the traditional and famous top coat, but I also received their premier colour lacquer in the shade intrepid which is this gorgeous fuchsia color with a blue sheen to it. I had no idea that Seche actually had colored polish, but I am going to look more into this line of polishes. It is definitely a one coat shade, and I have been wearing it for about four days now and have not had any chips at all. These polishes are only available at Sally Beauty and have 24 different shades for you to choose from.
  5. Iron-Tek Essential Protein: I am not an avid gym member, in fact, the only working out I do is playing Pokemon go around target while I grocery shop. I have had my fair share of protein powders through my life, and they all taste kinda rubbish. I tried a little bit of this before I actually went to go be physically active (shocking, I know) and the taste is pretty fantastic. It definitely does not taste like the smoothie of your dreams, but it blends perfectly and there is no grainy after taste which a lot of protein powders unfortunately have. I keep telling myself I am going to go back to the gym, and if I ever do, then I am definitely taking this along with me



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