If you did not know, I have a crazy love for video games. I have some pretty fond memories of playing Sonic on my Sega Genesis, yeah, I am not a spring chicken. I hate to inform you my friend. As I am sure you know by now I love skincare. I cannot describe how excited it makes me, it is almost embarrassing. GLAMGLOW is a brand that I always was wanting to try, but I just could not justify the price for it, no matter how good it was, I was convinced that it wouldn’t work for me. After receiving a gift set over the holidays, the love is real. As soon as I saw this limited edition of the GRAVITYMUD mask come out, best believe I was on the Sephora site quicker than I can say Sonic. So, is it worth the money? Keep reading!

Yeah girl, I bought three. I told you the love was real. This is just like the traditional GRAVITYMUD treatment, so is it completely necessary to run out and replace your silver face with this blue one? Not really, it is pretty much the same. This collab is for the 25th celebration of the franchise, and what better way to celebrate than with a face mask…am I right?

Either version of this treatment are for firming and tightening your skin. It has a really pleasant smell which is amazing since you keep this on your face for 20-30 minutes. It is a cross between a marshmallow and a pina colada. Don’t ask me why/how…..that is just what I smell, and it is nice. This comes with a small brush that makes the product easy to apply, and it feels amazing to apply the mask that way as well! This is a peel off mask, which makes it perfect for just relaxing in front of the tv, or even playing your favorite video game. I did notice a difference to my skin after a couple uses, and feel like my skin is just smoother and tighter overall. So in my opinion, it is worth the $69 price tag that comes along with it.

This product features Vizitight, Lunarlift, and Cosmiplexion to firm, lift, tighten, and create sexy contours. Using this before your makeup routine is amazing, and that is what I do. It just makes my skin feel and look great, which means my makeup routine is a lot easier than it has been before. I have pretty sensitive skin, and I have had absolutely no problems with this product at all. Get to a Sephora near you, because this baby is a Sephora exclusive and it is also limited edition.

Check the mask out here

Have you tried this mask or any of the GLAMGLOW masks? Which one is your favorite? xx

*This post does contain affiliate links. This product was purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own*

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