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Greetings friends! I decided to do a bit of a review today on a new product I have been trying out for a little while. I think anyone will tell you that mascara is basically vital to makeup, and eyeliner has been extremely popular throughout history (IE: Cleopatra, duh!). It makes your eyes pop, makes you look more awake, and just looks good! So let’s jump into what you came here for!


Alright, so why is this different than other mascaras? BECAUSEEEE, this is basically like using false lashes, but without all of that glue that gets everywhere, does not stick to your lash line, and can be visible. This is actually a system mascara, with two different products to get the best results. If you have used any of the other mascaras in this line (better than sex, better than sex waterproof) then you know that Too Faced Better than False Lashes has a lot to live up to! This is a three step process, but you obviously can use the mascara by itself if you want a more casual look. A trip to Target does not always need false lashes, haha. Too Faced markets this as a “lash extension kit”, which basically implies that you are going to see a significant change in your lashes, and I know that I definitely did. As always, products work different with everyone, I always suggest getting sample size mascaras when you can. That has saved my life throughout my life. For my contact wearers, I know that some mascaras are off limits. This is something that my mother has to worry about, and she is actually the IMG_9330person who turned me onto this product, and it is totally safe for you! Also, hi, it is cruelty free!

  • Not sticky at all! Lashes stay separated!
  • Flexistretch Nylon Fibers to give you that full look
  • No flaking/smudging/budging at all!
  • Actually black! Very black!
  1.  All you need to do is apply the mascara
  2. Apply the fibers
  3. Apply another layer of mascara and go!
  4. (Extra Step) Flash those fancy new lashes girl!

Pretty easy huh?! I think something to remember about IMG_9327mascaras like this is that there are fibers. There are particles you are applying to your eye, and they can irritate them. I have had this happen with previous mascaras like this, but I fortunately have not had this problem with this at all, and it has been two months! The wand will appear like the fibers have dried and meshed together, but don’t worry! It is supposed to look like that! It basically looks just like spiderwebs wrapped around the applicator, no spiders though! Winning! I definitely do not mind taking the extra time to use the three steps because I see such a difference. Even my family and friends have noticed and commented on my lashes! We all know how much I loved my Covergirl Supersizer, and I still love that mascara! This is definitely worth the splurge at $35, and you get two amazing products for that price! Not just one! I think their tagline of saying “It’s not a mascara, it’s a miracle” is so accurate, and also really funny to me. I enjoy a good tagline y’all.


IMG_9325Next on the agenda is this amazing eyeliner. I am pretty horrible at doing a cat eye, but gosh, do they not look amazing? They do. I have tried everything from powder to liquid to gel, and been back around a million times. It is a never ending cycle of sucking, haha. After seeing reviews of this product, I decided to give it a try…I mean…what could go wrong at this point, haha? Let’s talk about some cool things about this product real quick. This is a “24” hour eyeliner (which might be true, but I have never tried this out, I enjoy washing my face), and is waterproof (which is actually true). I have worn this swimming (not on purpose), and when I got out of the pool, it was still there. This also comes in a bunch of different colors, so you can really find something that either matches your eye color, or just your vibe for that day. Also guess what…this is cruelty free as well! Save the bunnies everyone!

  • Gel Pen? New technology is always important!
  • Angled applicator (can we say hello to a winged eyeliner look?!)
  • Dries quickly and pretty darn matte

IMG_9326Benefit’s They’re Real Push Up Liner is kind of crazy, listen up. The applicator is like nothing I have EVER used in my life. It has an Accuflex tip which helps to smoothly apply the product, as well as feeling extra soft! The applicator shoots out the gel (you like that phrase? lol), so it is this amazing combination of the perfect substance that is a gel, but with the ease of a liquid eyeliner. Pretty much the best of both worlds, right? This is a click pen, so make sure to click it so  that the product actually comes out! Usually two is the perfect amount for me, but you do you girl! I am still perfecting my ability to wing, so I chose not to use photos of me applying it. I do not want you to think it is the product, it is just the user, haha. This is available anywhere Benefit is sold, and will run you about $29, but if you want an easy to apply, waterproof, and a pretty cool product, this is for you!

These are the products I am using to make my eyelashes/eyelids on fleek (I know, kill me.), and if you are in the market for anything like this, try them out! If you have any tips for winged eyeliner, leave it in the comments below, share the tips! What eyeliner or mascara do you love? Talk to you soon!

*This does contain affiliate links, but is in no way sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own*




  1. Gosh I love this review! I have been searching for a new mascara, and I am going to have to try out this mascara for sure! No smudges sure make me one happy girl.

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