Covergirl Supersizer vs. Supersizer Fibers Mascara

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I have been a huge fan ever since I tried the original Covergirl Super Sizer mascara. It was easy to find, and incredibly affordable. As part of my Influenster box, I was given a free Super Sizer Fibers to try. Let’s see how the new one compares to a tried and true favorite of mine.

The Super Sizer has been one of my favorite mascaras I have ever tried. I am not a huge fan of Covergirl mascaras, so even I was shocked by this. It gave me the length I was looking for, came in a decently sized container, and was under $7 bucks, which is always great! I loved it so much that I even turned it on to my roommates. They both still use it, and one of them bought the special Star Wars packaging that they released around November. I had never heard of this version until I received an email saying that I was being sent the Fibers version in a voxbox. Let’s hit some points.

  1. Brush: This is exactly the same for both products. The brush is a plastic applicator with short bristles. I am normally a fan of a traditional brush applicator, I always feel like I get more product. I have great results with this one though! I am able to really get the long lashes that I am looking for, and still have amazing definition. It is almost like the lashes lock into the brush so every lash gets coated. It also makes it difficult to overload your lashes, which keeps it from being flakey!
  2. Product: This is the biggest difference in the two formulas is the 29,000 fibers that are in each tube of the Fibers mascara. Covergirl claims that this product will give you 400% the volume compared to the original formulation. Unlike most fiber mascaras, this is a one-step deal. I have (and still do use) a lot of fiber mascaras, and this make the application process so much easier.
  3. Performance: While I don’t feel like I get “false lashes”, I definitely can see a huge difference between the two mascaras. I get the length from the original, but I get a huge increase in volume. I asked my friends if she could see a difference, and she noticed it right off the bat. I think the fact that this is a one step fiber mascara may have something to do with the difference in other fiber mascaras I have tried. None the less, it still lives up to the claims. Do I see a 400% increase in my eyelashes? Not really. 275% Yes.

Overall, this does far more for my lashes than the original. I love the thickness that I can get, and not comporomise the length. It really is the best of both worlds. Also, you cannot beat the price. I think that Super Sizer may have just been replaced…

Have you tried this mascara? What is your favorite drugstore mascara? Let me know!



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