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Beauty companies have been going crazy lately! New product after new product, and I cannot keep up. I have a horrible routine of getting caught up in my own routine. Just ask my Naked 2 palette. Girl is tired. After hearing about some new products that are rolling out, I decided to put together a wishlist of things to try that I have seen circulating the interwebs.


  1. Elizabeth and James: Nirvana Bourbon: I have been obsessed with Nirvana Black for about four years, and forcing myself to actually buy a perfume that was not that one was insanely hard. As a bourbon drinker, I don’t think I cannot resist the urge to try this. It features notes of Vanilla Bourbon, Oakwood, and Tuberose. I am excited about using up my perfume I am using!
  2. Milk Makeup: Holographic Stick: I mean, highlight is life, right? I have never tried anything from Milk, but this seems to be a pretty hip thing to try out. Plus, we all know I am obsessed with aliens right now and this is supposed to give off an “other-worldy glow”? Call me Eleven and shave my head. This seems different than normal highlights since it gives a lavender/prismatic glow, must try!
  3. Urban Decay: All Nighter Liquid Foundation: One thing about me is that if Nicole Guerriero says she likes something, then I have to try it. She is mom. I have been so insanely loyal to the Nars Sheer Glow for years, that it will take something incredible to really get me to go somewhere else. I love the Naked concealer, and this foundation is supposed to have 3 TIMES the amount of pigment! Yes girl.
  4. Nars: Brow Defining Cream: I have also fallen into the trap and I am obsessed with eyebrows. Even if I have no time, I will make time to do my eyebrows. I am so used to seeing myself with them done now. I finally perfected my skills with Anastasia Dipbrow, which I think is the bees knees, but I am definitely into trying out different products. I did not even know Nars had came out with anything like this!
  5. Too Faced: Melted Matte Liquified Lipstick: The color “Sell Out” is particularly interesting to me. I have seen a lot of reviews and swatches and it looks gorgeous. It is also ALWAYS sold out on the Sephora site, so I mean, there must be a reason. I have not tried any of this formula yet, but as soon as I do, except me to let you know! After all, who doesn’t love a deep rose colored matte liquid lipstick nowadays?
  6. Dior Addict Lip Maximizer High Volume: I was not gifted with big beautiful lips. I have spent quite a while learning how to overline in a natural way. I love when people compliment me on it, haha. I would love to try something that would eliminate some of the “fakeness” of it. I have never tried a lip plumper, and I am definitely not doing any sort of suction item. Lemme try some gloss though!




  1. Great picks!! I’m always addicted to the just arrived page on sephora, there are so many new things every day! I’m particularly excited about the new Nirvana scents but I’m leaning more towards the Rose one.

    La Belle Sirene 

  2. The Urban Decay foundation is on my wishlist as well! Although I’ve heard it oxidizes and I’m pretty pale so I’m worried there won’t be a good shade for me.

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