Anastasia “Ultimate Glow Kit”


If you are into makeup, then you know the hype that is built up around highlighters right now. I cannot go online, open a magazine, or even talk to your roommate without hearing about them. Anastasia Beverly Hills has been pretty much owning the game lately. I have been searching for the traditional glow kits, but have came up pretty empty handed. I love to be able to have things in my hands. I am too lazy to order them online. Anyway….I was roaming around Sephora the other day and stumbled across this little angel of a palette. Keep reading to find out more!


This palette is the sixth highlighter set from Anastasia, and has premiered just in time for the holiday season. The packaging is this wonderful gold sturdy case with a huge mirror on the inside. The mirror has especially came in handy since I am currently on vacation in Mexico, and mirrors are a rare commodity right now. One especially fun thing about the packaging is that the “glow kit” on the front actually glows in the dark. While not necessary, it is definitely a fun little feature to the palette.

This comes with six different highlighters. Five of those on the warmer side of highlighters while the last one is more of a cool tone. The texture of these powders is quite glittery, and not as refined as other powders are. Think more disco ball and less natural glow. I think this product came out at an amazing time considering we are about to be in the season of all things shiny and glittery. I have found quite a bit of use for this on my vacation, and really has been enhancing my very minimal tan I have gained.


Snow: This is a pretty icy white with a nice silver glow to it. When swatched directly on the finger it almost looks more silver than white.

White Sand: This is like a nude with some gold shimmer to it. This works really well on my pale skin, and definitely gives me the most natural look out of all of these highlighters.

Golden Dawn: This is probably the truest gold in the palette (duh Ashlee, look at the name!), and has the smoothest texture out of the six. It leans slightly on the amber side, but rests on the gold side. IMO!

Sunray: This almost leans towards the rose gold spectrum since it has the copper undertones to it. This features a peach-gold lustre that gives it that rose gold effect without being super obvious.

Amber Gold: This is the most “pink” gold in the palette. When you swatch this on your hand compared to the others, there is a definite pink that stands out from the gold glow that it gives off.

Hot Sand: Probably a true copper in my opinion. This is definitely the warmest shade and probably the most metallic out of the bunch.


(Snow/ White Sand/ Golden Dawn/ Sunray/ Amber Gold/ Hot Sand)

I think this palette is definitely something to keep your eyes open for. I have seen this around a lot of my local Sephora stores, so it is pretty easy to get your hands on. The glitter doesn’t bother me at all, but it is something to keep in mind if you are not going for a glittery look. This is definitely an occasion palette.

This is limited edition and part of the holiday releases from Anastasia, so be sure to act quickly if you are into this palette. You don’t want to miss you! Especially if you love highlighters! Have you tried any other highlighters from Anastasia? What are you looking most forward to this holiday season?







  1. Those shades are beautiful! I have recently gotten into contouring and I love it. I think this might be on my Christmas wish list this year. Thank you for sharing!


    1. I have been really into highlighting lately! So we are kinda on the same page. I definitely think this is holiday worthy, and I’m sure would be perfect for New Years too! Thanks for reading!

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