Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

I have been an avid Youtube watcher for years. Nicole Guerriero has been one of my favorites from her vlogs in the car to her incredible Halloween makeup videos. She recently came out with a glow kit in collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills, which is pretty much the name when it comes to highlighting. A lot of Youtubers have been doing collaborations recently, so is this one worth the money? Let’s talk about it.

This palette is currently available at Sephora and on the ABH website, but it is only around for a limited amount of time, so if you are even considering getting it, do it now! Nicole is one of the people that actually made me interested in highlighting and contouring, and I can assure you that I dropped my phone when I found out she was doing a collaboration. Thank goodness for Snapchat, right?!

This palette features six unique shades that are definitely on the warmer side of the spectrum. Not only does the pigmentation of the shades really come through, but holy cow, the glow that you get from these products. Swatches on my hand are probably not doing these highlighters justice, but on the face….girl…it looks wet!

Here is more about the shades themselves:

Kitty Kat is a peach tone with an almost gold reflex that comes off of it, this is really gorgeous, and I think it would be equally as gorgeous on a variety of skin tones.

Forever Young is a rose toned champagne shade that gives off a reflex that is pretty true to the color.

Daydream is super unique because it is pretty much an orange highlighter. As a Tennessee Volunteers fan, you already know my love for the color orange, and this is actually flattering even on my very pale skin!

Forever Lit is probably the most insane highlight I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. It is a white pigment, but the reflex is almost like a lavender, maybe? Whatever, this is the most gorgeous shade out of the palette, and probably the one you will hear most about.

Glo Getter is this great gold highlight that honestly looks like liquid gold on your face. It is probably more suited towards complexions that are deeper than my own, but will work once i fake tan, or even as an eyeshadow!

143 is a bronze shade that is definitely warm as heck. This is another one that my pale little face will be using as an eyeshadow, but this is beautiful as well. 143 also means I love you, which is precious!

This is my everything right now, and I hope that you decide to pick it up and support a fellow content creator. This is $40 at Sephora and ABH, but is probably around until it sells out, so get it while you can.

Have you picked this up yet? What is your favorite highlight palette? Let me know!

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