Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit


Long time no see, I know. Sometimes life really gets in the way of things you love, and you just have to endure and keep going. Anyway! I have been a serious fan of the ABH glow kits since they came out. The first one that really caught my eye was Moonchild since I am a Cancer, and the Moon is a big part of my life. I am also a sucker for duo chrome, thanks Youtube circa 2009. So, is this one of the must have kits from Anastasia? Let’s find out.

We will start with Moonchild since it has been out longer than Aurora. I eyed this palette for quite a while, but at the time, I was not fully into highlighters, so it was not a necessity. After purchasing the Ultimate Glow Kit, I decided to branch out and pick up Moonchild. What initially drew me to this palette is the fact that they are cooler toned highlighters, and they are amazing for light skin. You get six shades in this palette with some great metallic “glow” for your skin.

Blue Ice: A very pure white in the pan, but applies with a great light metallic blue finish. It is light enough so I can wear it without feeling like I should be in the Cheetah Girls or on an episode of All That.

Star: Pretty much a medium toned silver in the pan with a lighter silver shimmer. This has a very small tinge of blue in the finish, but not too much. ABH says the contains some sort of mint shade, but I have never noticed it on my skin.

Purple Horseshoe: This is a very true purple in the pan, with a blue shine (catch a pattern here?). I think this would be so gorgeous on darker skin tones. It is more of an eyeshadow, or just a night out highlight for me.

Pink Heart: This is clearly a pink highlighter in the pan, but gives off this great almost purple pink finish. I feel like this is the most natural highlight in the entire palette. Especially on my pink undertoned skin.

Lucky Clover: I love this color, because a green highlighter is pretty unique. It just looks cream in the pan, but has this amazing spring green finish on the skin. As a redhead, I definitely look pretty interesting with it on.

Blue Moon: This is the darkest shade in the palette which is pretty impossible for me to wear as highlight to be honest with you. This has a pink finish to it which comes through as a periwinkle.

If you are looking for a highlighting palette that is not the usual run of the mill, then this is for you. Quality wise, this is so much better in pigmentation as well as the texture of the powders than the Ultimate Glow Kit. In comparison to the Nicole Guerriero palette, this is not as smooth as those powders, but has pigmentation that is similar. These powders will definitely show up on your cheeks!


    1. Pink Heart is definitely the most flattering on my skintone, but Lucky Clover is such a unique shade. It is really fun when people notice my highlight in general, but when they find out it is a spring green, that make it even more fun!

  1. These are so gorgeous! I doubt that I could ever buy this palette because I’m quite tanned, and only a couple colours may suit me, but I can see how these colours would look absolutely beautiful on pale skin. Pink Heart especially looks so pretty!

    Joanne |

    1. Ah, that is true. You should look up some swatches on a skintone that is more like yours. It really is gorgeous, and the shades are so fun!

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