Affordable Makeup Brushes from Dolovemk Beauty

I think the hunt for amazing makeup brushes will never end! There are so many unique styles of brushes and fun brands that are coming out all of the time, and it is pretty overwhelming. The spoon shaped brushes pretty much took the market by storm, but at some pretty staggering prices. Brushes are definitely a perfect thing to invest in when it comes to makeup, but what if they don’t work for you? Dolovemk Beauty has a perfect set of these brushes, and the best part? You can get a whole set for under $20! How did they hold up, and what are my final thoughts? Keep reading to find out!

I have been using these for a couple makeup applications now, and I am happy to admit that they are pretty fantastic. My makeup applies just as well as my more expensive brushes, and everything is amazingly blendable. The bristles are much softer than I had imagined, and feel absolutely amazing on the skin. Plus, how cute are the rose gold handles?! The handles themselves are plastic, so they are not the strongest material, but they are pretty sturdy.

With this set you get ten different brushes. Foundation, brush, powder, concealer, contour, eye shadow, eyebrow, eyeliner, face blender brush, and another eye shadow brush, but this one is round unlike the previous one. I am pretty obsessed with the contour brush, and cannot say enough good things about this one. It is the only one that I use to contour now, it is that good! Another brush that I can’t speak enough about is the eyebrow brush. It definitely took me some getting used to it, but it creates a really natural look which I am a huge fan of!

If you want to check out these brushes, click here! Have you tried this style of brush? What are your go to places for affordable makeup brushes? Let me know down below!

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