7 Gift Ideas for Mom!


Hello my beautiful internet friends! It is almost Mother’s Day here in America (May 8th for those who do not know!), and I decided to bust out my picks for mother’s day gifts this year so that you had time to go to your stores, and either pick these, or use these as inspiration to get your momma something that suits her perfectly! Let’s dive in!

Gifts Mom

  1. Kate Spade – “Mom Knows Best Giraffe Pendant” $58 : This is kind of specific to my mother, because the woman loves Giraffes.  The angels over at Kate Spade have rolled out a lot of really adorable pendants just in time for mother’s day. Everything from animals to teacups, and always their initial and traditional pendants are available as well. This features a 12-Karat gold plated metal with glass stones, so it is still amazing, but definitely affordable. My mother might be opening this up on the big day!
  2. Kate Spade – “Mom Engraved Idiom Bangle” $58 : All moms love jewelry..or at least ones that I have encountered. This adorable bracelet says “Sit up straight, say thank you, do your homework, play nice, say please, go play outside” along the outer part, and the inscription on the inside reads “mom said so”. Can we talk about how adorable and accurate (at least to Susan) that is. This is similar to the pendant, and it is 12- Karat gold.
  3. Smashbox – “Full Exposure Travel Size Eyeshadow Palette” $24 : My mom actually has this, and pretty much swears by it! If your parents are like mine, they are constantly traveling, and basically live out of suitcases. This feature eight different eyeshadows that are perfect for day, night, whatever! I have used this palette before and can assure you the shadows are easy to apply, never crease, and will stay until you take them off. Plus, at $24 it is a steal! Especially with a great name like Smashbox attached to it!
  4.  Shiseido “Refining Body Exfoliator” $38.50 : I think luxurious bath products are amazing gifts. I know that I personally love to receive them. Almost all of the women in my family love Shiseido, and I also fall into that category. The skincare has literally saved my skin before. This is what they company calls a “High-Performance” body scrub..whatever that means. This product has two different micro-beads to not only exfoliate, but also promote micro-circulation of the skin. This is meant to soften, brighten, and even out your skin tone!
  5. Dipytque “Roses” $32 – 62 : Yeah…they are expensive candles, but some of my absolute favorites. I have had the Roses scent as a gift before, and I loved it. This is a very true rose scent, but they have a ton of different kinds. I just know my mom is a fan of roses. Candles are amazing presents for people who already have everything!
  6. Clinique “Chubby Stick” $22  : Susan freaking loves the original chubby stick that is the lip product. Actually every female in my family probably owns at least 5 in a million different colors. Hopping on the stick makeup train, Clinique has busted out this Chubby Stick contour stick. As a huge fan of a good contour (I see you Adele), I am definitely going to have to try this for myself. Like I previously stated, mom is always on the go, so I think that this would be something she is definitely interested in.
  7.  Living Proof “Humidity Shield” $22 : My mom and I have basically the same hair, and we both struggle with frizz, humidity, anything of that sort. this is something I personally have been using for around a year, and it really does save my hair. This has a frizz-fighting molecule, soothing emollients, anti-static agents,, and a UV protectant to make sure your hair stays perfect, and safe! You apply this to dry hair and go, there is no need to style! It is super lightweight, and won’t weigh your hair down, so don’t worry about that. This is perfect for all hair types too!

I hope these give you some ideas of what to get the queen of our lives on her big day (or hey, birthday too!). What are you planning on getting for your momma? Let me know down below! I love gift ideas!



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