6 Beauty tips to get the most out of Coconut Oil

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If you haven’t heard about the benefits of Coconut Oil, where on Earth have you been? The hype around this product is definitely nothing new. It has been used for years and years as the ultimate health and beauty aid. Why did it get so popular recently? Who knows, but I am so glad that it happened. I incorporated Coconut Oil into my beauty regime a couple of years ago, and I have not looked back since. Not only is it great for outside beauty, it is also great for maintaining your inner beauty. I am going to show you my favorite 6 ways to use coconut oil!


Hair ConditionerI am pretty sure this is the most common use in the beauty world. I swear to you, this has completely changed my hair. A little back story: I have pretty wild hair, coarse and curly. I have struggled with breakage most of my life due to the natural texture of this mop on my head. After trying literally a million different hair masks/treatments/whatever, I read an article about Coconut Oil. It has a super hydrating formula which almost eliminates the need for any additional masks or treatments. I am even now able just to blow dry my hair and go. It has strengthened the cuticles, helps to relieve my dry scalp, and leaves it incredibly silky and shiny. I have helped end breakage, fall out, and even have significantly reduced split ends, almost cut them out completely!

I just scoop some out of my jar, melt it with the heat from my hands, apply it to my hair, and let it set. I usually will watch a show, catch up some of my favorite blogs, or play some game on my phone while I wait for about 20 minutes. Then, I just hop in the shower, wash, and go! Easy as that.

Hair Conditioner(2)This is so easy, I am mad that it took me so long to start. As much as I love the feeling of being moisturized, I CANNOT stand the feeling that comes along with most lotions or oils. I have always had issues with products leaving a sticky film, or just laying on my skin and not absorbing at all. Coconut Oil is so lightweight that it just melts into your skin as soon as it touches you. It does the same thing for your skin as it does for your hair. As with most oils, if you use too much, it will get messy, but just using a small amount will really improve the hydration of your skin. Especially in this time of year, we all want to look as great as possible, so make sure to take care of your skin!

I will apply this as soon as I hop out of the shower. The warmth of my skin helps melt it in, and help it absorb even quicker. Once you go to put your clothing on, there is usually no issues. I personally have never had one, and I have been doing this trick for almost a year, if that helps.

*This is also a great remedy for sunburns*

Hair Conditioner(4)This is one of my favorite things on Earth to do. After using the Coconut Oil on my skin, I did a bit of research to discover how it was for using on the face. I have pretty sensitive skin, and I have to be very careful what I apply to my face. It likes to just freak out on me, it’s really great…I learned about the antibacterial properties of Coconut Oil as well as the anti-aging properties! Hi, sign me up!

I just slightly brush over Coconut Oil in the solid state, and then apply my foundation to the brush and use as normal. It thins out my heavier foundations, and gives me this amazing glow without having to load more products on. If you live in the South, then you know the struggle, and we try and wear as little as possible. You are also going to be fighting wrinkles and fine lines as you wear it! Score!


Hair Conditioner(5)My old roommate actually showed me this a few years ago, and I have not purchased a scrub since that day. Scrubs that I have purchased in the past have always had moisturizing properties (or so they say!), but I never really felt a difference. I also never felt like the scrub was actually doing anything. I am pretty darn pale, so I have always had to self tan. This use of Coconut Oil is pretty darn great for getting your skin smooth, and removing anything that may be remaining (self tanner, glitter, paint, whatever!).

I always use brown sugar in my scrubs. It contains molasses which only adds to the moisturizing properties, and also has Vitamin B to help with the wrinkles. I love using this on my body, but I also love using it on my face. If I am having issues with texture or dry skin, I will use this recipe a couple of times a week, and I always see results.

Hair Conditioner(6)In the makeup world today, it is all about long lasting. Some things that I put on my face are really hard to get off! I have this one red lipstick that I have slept in (I know, shame on me), and it was still perfect the next day. I could have worn it out, and no one would have thought otherwise. As much as I appreciate the staying power that makeup brands are coming out with, how do we get it off? We have seen a huge growth in the market for oil cleansers, and they are all over Youtube and the internet. Why spend the money when you can just use Coconut Oil?

Just like any other use, grab some, melt it, and rub your hands all over your face. It will melt off even waterproof mascara. That is a pretty big deal. It is also a great product to use on your lashes and brows to help strengthen them, as well as grow them!

Hair Conditioner(7)This one is still new to me, and I have only done it maybe ten times. I have seen some pretty great results, so I figured I would include this in here. I am sure that you have heard of oil pulling, it has been a pretty big deal in the holistic community. Coconut Oil contains Lauric Acid which helps to kill the bacteria that is causing your chompers to turn yellow. It also has help in improving overall gum health and freshens your breath. Not concerned about gum health? You better change your mind. Doctors have been studying the correlation between gum infections and heart issues. Periodontal disease can cause an increase in the risk for strokes and heart disease. Get to pulling.

It will not be pleasant at first. Put a small amount into your mouth, swish around, “pull” through your teeth (forcing the oil through the space between your teeth), continue for about 10 – 15 minutes, and rinse. If you are fresh to this idea, then I would highly suggest doing this as long as you feel comfortable. Anything is better than nothing.

My friend Helen at well-beingsecrets.com has actually created a list of 28 benefits of coconut oil! She covers everything from beauty benefits to health benefits, and everything in between! In addition to this insanely useful article, there are a ton of different articles that cover a range of different topics. Be sure to check her out here!

Hopefully this has gotten you onto the hype train! These are just the ways I use Coconut Oil, but there are so many more. Especially cooking and internal benefits. If any of this has interested you, I definitely suggest doing some serious internet research and learning about all of the benefits. You can pick up some Coconut Oil at most markets or grocery stores, and it is crazy inexpensive, so what are you waiting for?




  1. I ALWAYS see coconut oil on Pinterest, so I appreciate you sharing some great uses for it! I am definitely going to try out the teeth whitening, never would have thought that it could be used for that. Thanks for sharing once again!

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