About Me

 What is up beautiful person! Happy you happened upon my own little portion of the internet. I am Ashlee, and it is wonderful to meet you.  Let’s get into the about me!

Launched in 2016, AshleeLiz.com has been a dream of mine for quite a while. Thanks to the internet, and an insanely supportive group of friends and family, I took the initiative. Blogging has been one of my better decisions in a while, and I am happy that you are here to enjoy it with me!

I reside in the wonderful state of Tennessee, and am in between two different cities, so you can always find me in one of them. I am graduating this year with my marketing degree (yes, please, let me finish! haha), and cannot wait to start my career in that field. You can always find me watching Hulu, hanging out with my friends, and playing darts. I would tell you all of the other boring things I do, but we all work and go to school. This place is for fun! So, let’s talk about Ashleeliz.com, and what you can expect to find here.

I am calling this a lifestyle blog because I talk about more than just makeup. I love beauty, and used to work as a visual manager for a retail company, so I obviously love fashion. I want to have you along on my journey, and help you with issues that you might be facing in the best way that I can. I do quite a bit of traveling, and cannot wait to show you the places I go. Did I mention food? Food is everything, and if I find something that I like, best believe you’ll know. I am learning about blogging as I go, so I will incorporate blogging tips and tricks I have gathered. It is all about growing together right? That’s what I thought!

I am pretty active on social media, and I hope you will join the fun! I cannot wait to grow with you, and feel free to contact me anytime (Hit up my contact page under About!)! Let’s be friends!